Hammer Visual Engineering for Web Site Design

No matter what anyone tells you, every web page is a billboard.

Remember Burma Shave? Sure you do. Everybody does. Burma Shave is an icon, one of the best known products in history. Because it was such a wonderful shaving cream? No. Because in the 1920's, Allen Odell put up billboards with sequential jingles. An absurdly simple idea that delighted travellers and made Burma Shave billboards eagerly anticipated while so many others were ignored.

The Internet is littered with poorly designed cyber-billboards that flash, play annoying music and scream like used car salesmen in a desperate attempt to get people to look at them. The effective websites, the profitable websites, the ones that get quality leads and repeat orders aren't the ones that are stuffed with gimmicks. They are the ones that work. They work with everybody's browser. They worked yesterday, they work today and they will work tomorrow. They look good and load fast.

Hammer Visual Engineering understands that your website has a job to do. We believe in making your website stand out from the crowd in a way that is designed especially for you, to preserve your corporate image and make your website the one people remember. We combine good design with marketing know-how. We enhance your site with carefully selected and beautifully created graphics and animations. We make your survey and feedback forms easy and fun to fill out. We present your products attractively and make them simple to order. Behind the scenes, we integrate your website with your internal databases, provide online administrative tools and personalized support. We are well-versed in all the fancy tools that graphics, advanced CGI and JavaScript offer, and we know how to use them effectively and with elegance.

Burma Shave is still on the market through American Safety Razor. Make your cyber-billboard the one that becomes a legend.

Hammer Visual Engineering